Tim has wrapped this book with hints of the Gospel, life lessons, and determination you once had but forgot because the world got busy. Generally speaking this book is extremely easy to read and to understand especially if you are a football fan. I think this is a great book for youth and I'm excited that my son can be encouraged to "finish strong", be patient in God's will, and to show sportsmanship in winning and losing. Through My Eyes is an honest insight into Tebow's life. Reading this book made me reflect on how am I helping others. But this book was not just football-heavy. It talks about the origins of a very famous man and former NFL player named Tim Tebow. Wow. He appears to the be the rarest of humans - someone who practices what he preaches. I am not quite finished with this book yet but it so far so good. Folks, I am not a fan of autobiographies, mostly I like to read what others thought of the person. A Tebow Haiku It was not just From the way he talks about playing football to the way he talks about life and how we must all live it to the fullest there was seriously not one thing I did not like about it. This book is great. At times in the autobiography, it did sound like Tebow was bragging a bit when he detailed the wins that he and his teammates achieved, but Tebow even prefaced the discussion about those games with a reference to the fact that it couldn't have been done without God's help. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Moving on to the University of Florida, he continued a stellar football career. I liked how he mentioned all of his favorite things along with his family background. I had to skim many paragraphs to get to more interesting parts for me. He always talks about how much his family has been blessed.I was able to relate to his childhood. The book really grabs you when it first starts off. While other players spend their money on jewelry and cars, while carousing with women of questionable repute, Tebow funds hospitals in the Philippines and meets with terminally ill and disabled children after games. Through My Eyes: Natural Disaster Zones A new fiction series set in contemporary natural disaster zones. It was entertaining but a but choppy at times. Tim has done many charity work in many places like the Philippines thought his life. Last December of 2016, I had gotten Tim's book SHAKEN as book mail one day and at a family gathering just a few days before Christmas, I decided or thought that I should get this one as well. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And it is very inspirational. He had a very successful career. This is definitely the best biography I've read. NFL quarterback Tebow gives your 8- to 12-year-olds a behind-the-scenes look at his life on and off the field. It is a "Young Readers" edition of Tebow's New York Times Bestselling autobiography, Through My Eyes. Summary: Ruby’s story is told through her eyes, what she remembers and felt about the integration of schools in New Orleans, 1960. Yes, I was as surprised as you are that I picked up an autobiography about a sports' figure. To some young boys who love statistics (and Florida Gator trivia) they might enjoy that but it mad. Harper, 2011, 272 pps. The book Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow is a fairly new Autobiography that he has come out with. Read Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges or excerpts from the book; Answer the text-dependent questions for Through My Eyes . Folks, I am not a fan of autobiographies, mostly I like to read what others thought of the person. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and … It's nice to hear his story from his point of view, especially the parts about what his college games were like. I wanted to read more about Tebow and his personal life. Great book. Tim Tebow has lived a very dear and special life, one that makes me think of all the fun and joy I had as a kid, playing football and baseball, playing with my brothers and just the pure love of athletics. Through My Eyes Summary and Analysis Buy From Amazon. It was very interesting and I learned so much about Tim and his career. The story is divided into sections, explaining first about integration into the public schools in Louisiana and other states in the south, Ruby’s family and early days, and continues on to finish with Ruby is doing today. This book was so interesting and inspirational. From his difficult birth in the Phillipines to missionary parents through his homeschooling by his mom, Tebow always was sports oriented along with his 3 brothers of whom he is the youngest. Tebow's book was very inspiring on living my dreams and working hard to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Tim Tebow is one of the biggest names in football these days, and one of the most divisive. I am not a die hard football fan so of course it had too much football in it! what was the author's purpose of the book? Tebow has an extremely close and strong family background, and it is evident that he was raised in church where he learned to do for others and to give praise to God for all of the good things that happen to him throughout life. A two-time winner of the NCAA National Football Championship with the University of Florida, Tim is also the first-ever sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. I fully support books that would support kids to read more and for the time that this book came out I would like to believe it did just that.
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