The more you get to know FANTOM, the more you appreciate the thoughtful details that simplify your life as a keyboardist. In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. FANTOM’s sound engine combines ZEN-Core’s analog modeling and PCM synthesis with deep multisampling, SuperNATURAL and V-Piano technologies—and even software synthesizers—for unique sounds and intricate performance setups. This creates long evolving passages, modular-style animated textures, and sounds with deeply intricate movement. The new TR-SYNC functionality allows beta DJ participants to effortlessly match the BPM of TR drum machines with Serato DJ Pro tracks. The LX-17 features an all-new keyboard, an enhanced sound engine, and a multi-channel speaker system, exceeding the standards of conventional digital pianos. New Roland Keyboard & MIDI Packages (28) New Roland Keyboard Workstations (6) New Roland MIDI (8) New Roland Organs (2) New Roland Pianos (16) New Roland Portable & Arranger Keyboards (6) New Roland Production & Groove (8) New Roland Synthesizers & Sound Modules (26) The expandable sound engine delivers our best electronic and acoustic sounds, with the depth and control to combine and shape them in exciting new ways. Roland introduced the FANTOM in 2019 as an all-in-one music production environment. 99 Get it Tue, Jun 9 - Thu, Jun 11 There’s a dedicated synthesizer section with oscillator, filter, and envelope controls, along with numerous buttons and pads for triggering and sequencing. FANTOM is a complete musical composition platform that excels at fast creation and fluid arrangement. Experience Roland with an immersive collection of interactive pages and microsites. Get the latest updates/drivers, owner’s manuals, and support documents for your product. The details matter, until they don't. Find out more in Features, Seamless workflow with no confusing modes, Expandable sound engine delivers authentic electronic and acoustic sounds, Fresh hybrid sounds combining modern PCM, virtual analog, and a routable analog filter, V-Piano technology for stunning realism and expression, Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers, plus effects and patterns, Deep integration with DAWs and softsynths and 16x3 stereo audio interface, Multitrack clip-based sequencing with instant pattern recording and triggering, TR-REC sequencer as found on classic Roland drum machines, High-resolution controls with dedicated synth control section, Massive DSP power for plenty of polyphony and smooth sound transitions, All new 61-note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, All new 76-note semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, Acclaimed 88-note weighted keyboard with aftertouch. Roland’s latest TR-8, TR-8S, TR-08, and TR-09 drum machines are now Serato DJ OSA-ready thanks to Serato and the Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 Public Beta. Use any or all, whenever you want. A great way to build up a track is by arranging clips that contain musical patterns. FANTOM can control software synthesizers directly from the touchscreen, drive modular and analog synthesizers from its dual CV/Gate outputs, and is also a high-quality audio interface capable of 16 stereo outputs and 3 stereo inputs. The keys have a fantastic action and a realistic weight allowing for maximum expression. The world-renowned Casio Privia family of digital pianos … Your Ideal Polysnth: How (not) to choose the polyphonic synth of your dreams Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities. And forget worrying about what features work in which mode. Roland DG's New TrueVIS TR2 Eco-Solvent Ink Technology Receives Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee and Six-Hour Outgassing Approval for Printed Graphics. Grammy-winning producer and leader of the acclaimed 1500 or Nothin’ band, Rance Dopson makes music that matters. Roland FA-06 61-Note Music Workstation Bundle with Roland DP-10 Damper Pedal, Adjustable Stand, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth $1,459.99 $ 1,459 . The selection of music keyboards is wide, there are several types of them, designed for different goals and skill levels. At every turn, FANTOM fulfills the need to create. Register your product and stay up-to-date with the latest warranty information. Control Apple Logic, Garage Band, and Mainstage, and adjust soft synth parameters right from FANTOM’s touchscreen. In terms of the keys themselves, the 61-note Fantom 8 and 76-note Fantom 7 both have a new semi-weighted action, while the … Find Out More And with so much power under the hood, you can run all 16 parts with all available effects—simultaneously—with full patch-remain for seamless transitions. FANTOM is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. They are actively looking to expand their product line with even more great instruments. FANTOM doesn’t just work with computers—it fully integrates. If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring way to start playing music, Roland’s GO:KEYS is the answer! Good luck with all of it in any event! With this decision, you will get a professional keyboard with a ton of … You have RGB pads, a classic TR-REC style pattern sequencer, real-time recording with touchscreen piano-roll editing, and a grid for recording and launching clips. The revamped Casiotone series of keyboards consists of three models, including the CT-S200 (black, red and white), CT-S300 (midnight blue) and LK-S250 (black). FANTOM is the fastest way to turn inspiration into creation. FANTOM is made of tough metal with high-grade components throughout. Drums, basslines, pads, and other patterns can be recorded into clips that you can trigger individually, or in groups. The battery-powered TB-03 is a direct descendant of the famous TB-303 Bass Line Synth. FANTOM has two sets of CV/Gate outputs so you can sync tempo or play them from FANTOM’s keyboard or its many pattern sequencers. FANTOM continues to grow and evolve with new sounds and capabilities added regularly. The LX-17 features an all-new keyboard, an enhanced sound engine, and a multi-channel speaker system, exceeding the standards of conventional digital pianos. A clean and intuitive layout, premium materials, and our best-ever keyboard action. Each feels solid, precise, and supremely playable, with the expressive capabilities of aftertouch. Among the options that you can choose from are the Roland Digital Pianos.This company offers a wide variety of options for music lovers of all skill levels and interests. Complete modern upright home piano with optional stand and pedal. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. Protect your investment. The placement of each control, and how it interacts with the creative heart inside FANTOM, has been thoroughly considered with today’s workflow in mind. The A-88MKII is supremely playable, with onboard creative tools for today's musicians and producers. The RD-2000 is the most advanced in a long line of Roland RD keyboard pianos. When taking a song from studio to stage, Rance understands why the sound of a record is so important to an artist, and specializes in bringing the song to life through the band’s performance. It’s like having the power of two complete FANTOMs in one. Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Console Piano. By writing songs with her band Cannons, Michelle has found a way to positively impact the lives of people all around the world, through a unique blend of ‘70s grooves, ‘80s electro-funk, and her hypnotic-yet-distinctive vocals. The keyboard has a 4-section split functionality: up1, up2, up3, and LWR. Explore the state-of-the-art technologies that power the Roland LX-17 digital piano for the ultimate piano experience. GO:PIANO is the perfect companion for starting your piano-playing journey. Read, watch, listen, and learn about Roland products and the people that use them. Subscribe to the Roland Newsletter to get the latest articles, videos, and news about your favorite Roland products. And thanks to our custom Behavior Modeling Core processors, control is smooth and precise with loads of polyphony, and full patch remain. I actually own this and I use it for touring and I use it as a MIDI controller. Roland synthesizers with the JUPITER name carry our most advanced sound technologies, are supremely playable, and are built from premium materials. Nice. And FANTOM’s Step-LFOs have 16 steps of beat-synced automation with 37 curve choices per step. There are many ways to play expressively on keyboards. A music keyboard is an essential part of every band, along with lead/bass guitar and drums, they allow playing, composing, and arranging music. Pro production for smartphone live streaming. FANTOM is designed to propel the creative process and play beautifully. New Roland Fantom 2019 Vs Jupiter 80 ... but that is another reason I always dread getting any new keyboard, always feels like a craps-shoot to me, especially if I'm not shipping it myself from store-pallet to its final resting place. We talked with Roland … When you’re ready to create, so is FANTOM—and all it takes is a single touch. If you are looking for a great piano option for the music lover in your life, you may be trying to figure out some of the best options that you can choose from. Full-Size 88-Note Piano. Protect your investment. The Roland Fantom is a powerful workstation that represents a new direction in music creation. Each partial contains a discrete synth voice—complete with an oscillator, filter, amplifier, dual LFO, and effects. FANTOM’s ZEN-Core synth engine is based on partials. Roland’s E-A7 is an arranger keyboard with 61 speed touchy keys. Each feels solid, precise, and supremely playable, with the expressive capabilities of aftertouch. Roland is also keen to talk-up the power of the new Fantom’s DSP engine, which enables all 16 parts to run with all available effects simultaneously. 03/05/2019. Check out FANTOM 6, 7 and 8 by the numbers in Specs. It's a masterful MIDI controller keyboard, but it's also a self-contained instrument loaded with Roland's best solo-oriented synthesizer tones — all easily navigable onstage via its bright dual-display system. Everything about it is sturdy and built to withstand the perils of live gigs and life on the road. The Roland FA-08 is great for touring musicians as well as for studio musicians. New Roland Fantom Keyboards & More Announced Posted on: 5 Sep 2019 by Lee Glynn THE ALL-NEW ROLAND FANTOM NEXT-GENERATION KEYBOARDS HAVE BEEN UNVEILED ALONG WITH THE ROLAND JUPITER XM, ROLAND JU-06A AND TWO NEW ROLAND GROOVEBOXES. Synthesizers, accordions, arrangers, controllers and more. Explore sounds. Exploring the space between the physical and virtual worlds, Roly’s motivation is to create an experience where sound and place form a cohesive whole. The information source for house of worship audio and media directors, worship musicians, and A/V techs. With FANTOM, you can sample internal and external sources, or even both at the same time. More LFOs mean more modulation possibilities and more ways to explore new ground. Inspiring onboard production tools and deep computer integration fuel an experience that feels intuitive, natural, and full of possibilities. FANTOM has plenty of knobs and sliders for intuitive and immediate control, with high-resolution for buttery-smooth sweeps and fine adjustments. At the 2019 Summer NAMM Show, Casio announced that they are bringing back the Casiotone portable mini-synth. You can even connect USB controllers to any of FANTOM’s three USB ports for enhanced expression. FANTOM 7 Synthesizer. Bring Music into Your Life with Alexa Technology, Seamless workflow with no confusing modes. The information source for house of worship audio and media directors, worship musicians, and A/V techs. It faithfully recrea… read more With FANTOM, you can use any of them—or all of them. The foundation of dance music is the step-sequencer, specifically the 16-step TR-REC variety found on our drum machines like the TR-808 and TR-909. The Roland TM-1 Trigger Module will be available February 2019 with U.S. pricing of $159.99. Considered by many as the king of instruments, piano sits at the heart of the creative process for composers across a range of musical genres. Subscribe to the Roland Newsletter to get the latest articles, videos, and news about your favorite Roland products. Customize your sound by integrating your plugin soft synths with FANTOM. Working across composition, live performance and VR, he continues to breach the technological barriers between imagination and sonic expression. For Michelle Lewis, music is the outlet for the built-up emotions that compel her to create. Any insight It can integrate soft synths into Scenes, and send parts composed on FANTOM directly to your DAW.
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