Sea angling is huge in Ireland and it is rightly the world’s top sea angling destination. Dietrich Bohnhorst with a nice one from the Robe River, Co. Mayo. Dead baiting, spinning or fly fishing will all give good results for Pike. However, most people choose the fishing season according to their interest of fish species. Wild salmons are better caught from the beginning of the February to mid October. Sea Bass fishing in Ireland... Sea Bass Fishing with Lures is the most thrilling and exciting way of fishing I have come across so far in my fishing life. Daily Bag Limit: One salmon (any size) or sea trout (over 40cm) per day from 1st September to the close of the season, There is an angling bag limit of three sea trout (under 40cm) per angler per day. With good reason, too, as the rugged beauty of this region is complemented by the hospitality of the locals and the quality of the fishing. Trout may be fished for from February through to October. Trout Fishing season in Scotland. Tackle is fairly widely available to rent, however if you prefer to bring your own these tips may help you decide what to bring. A 7.5ft – 9ft rod matched to a floating line is good for river fishing, for boat fishing on lakes a longer rod would be better. Strabane, County Tyrone. At home fish was traditionally an important food and stable part of the Irish diet. If you are on a hunt for Carp, Trout, Salmon, Char or Pike, look for Irish trout lakes or large limestone lakes. Commercial fishing developed due to the internal and external markets for the product. Beef may be available all year – and many consumers are unaware of it as a seasonal food, in the way that lamb is – but those in the know keenly anticipate the meaty treats which will only be available for a couple of months during the autumn. As with 80% of the fish landed in Cornwall the vast majority of Hake landed here find their way into French and particularly Spanish households where the Hake is highly prized alongside other Cornish exports, such as megrim and monkfish. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kilkeel Harbour | © Sludge G/ Flickr. When to catch. If you visit Strabane for fishing, you will get four great rivers to explore, … In all cases winter weather can present a challenge! Kilkeel Harbour. Climatic Influences on Irish Wild Brown Trout. The majority of rivers close on September 30th but some rivers remain open for sea trout fishing to October 12. In fresh water, you will find Carp, Trout, Salmon and Char, as well as excellent Pike fishing. Inshore fishing, deep sea angling or fishing wrecks is easily arranged with many charter boats available for hire in fishing centres all around the coast. At all times the fishing depends on prevailing weather, water levels, barometric pressure and temperature. The season officially runs from 1st February to the 30th September. Mackerel Fishing in Ireland, Co. Donegal, North Atlantic Ocean if you could pass on any help it would be much appreciated. There is no way we can trump the information at Irish Fisheries, a totally amazing website with details about just about every fishery in Ireland, where to stay locally, what to expect, what bait and tackle is recommended locally and much more. St. Patrick’s Day is considered the end of this winter turmoils for many anglers. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel is the perfect location for fly fishing holidays in Ireland. Irish coarse fisheries have large shoals of fish which require a lot of groundbait to hold – if you manage this successfully, you will need several keepnets! You see, whatever the weather or time of year, there will always be world-class shore fishing going on somewhere in Ireland. Inshore fishing, deep sea angling or fishing wrecks is easily arranged with many charter boats available for hire in fishing centres all around the coast. The salmon and sea trout season begins between January 1st and March 20th, depending on the fishery. Sustainable fishing is at the heart of the CFP, but it isn’t just about establishing rules to protect stocks.
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