takes time and experience, something a Junior attorney should be developing as they shadow other attorneys and occasionally fumble cases. Exactly. Ultimately, these are problems that get attorneys fired or disbarred. I think this woman is most likely a bad fit and has critical thinking issues that can’t be solved with checklists but some of these comments are a little dramatic. But the first few times she does a new task? Check the Y levels for the Z system. I went through a period of brain fog that ended up being related to my diet (food intolerance). Precisely none. I would not inflict this junior attorney on any lawyer who I’d want to keep a positive relationship with. Warning Letter Examples for Disrespectful Conduct. If she’s a first or second year (or even a late blooming third year), she may just need more practice and direction (e.g. Went to a neurologist, got tested, was diagnosed with migraines and prescribed meds. Lack of confidence. I’m a technical writer who used to process depositions, and I feel like you have an aptitude for this type of stuff or you don’t. Sure, although it’s possible she might need another degree as well. I have also attended continuing education describing lawyers’ work being reviewed by paralegals for typos and substance as a usual or even best practice. But for the sake of being thorough: You can suggest that she set work aside until the next day and then re-read it with fresh eyes, if timelines allow for that. should I tell my boss about my coworker’s temper tantrum? That’s very likely to be a sign of a core, fundamental mismatch with the role. Attention To Detail Examples. And they might jeopardize your cases, your clients and your reputation. I was wondering this, too. And everyone feels bad but if the job is not you, it’s not you….like this letter. True, but until she does, she cannot be allowed to file anything for the firm or handle clients. She’s not asking for any accommodation which is probably a good thing. There are also those who could be out-lawyered by my bright-but-argumentative 4th grader. I think you are probably right, but given that OP has expressed a desire to help her employee, suggesting a medical screening would certainly be a way to help. Out of the couple dozen kids that did go, one person fainted at the sight of blood. We were told that those of us that wanted to, could go into the operating room and watch a surgery being done (?? Is it possible that in a quest to be kind, you’ve prioritized sounding supportive over making sure that she understands that these mistakes will prevent her from being successful in her job, and could (will?) Because the checklist was the tool that lead to there being enough blood in the OR – the man was hemorrhaging, and they kept pouring blood into him till they could get the break repaired. She’s done the same or similar with all kinds of projects over the years. No sugar coating, no niceness. Well, if you read back up, my reference to ADHD was an example and Slow Gin Lizz suggested that this professional adult might have no idea that health issues in general could be causing her troubles at work. Maybe she needs to have that suggested to her – it’s just a matter of developing workarounds for her weaknesses, which will catch most if not all of them. Being overwhelmed can be a breeding ground for errors a seasoned person won’t make. If this junior lawyer can’t be trusted to do that, she needs to find another role. I’d be stunned if your firm’s partners hadn’t given her very negative marks in certain areas and/or put her on a PIP by now. OR……. A lot of people were conflicted when they quit, spending 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars just to leave is a hard decision. Is there a reason she’s rushing through her work? I’m not convinced that the OP has been explicit enough that her job is at stake. It’s those routine, albeit skilled, items that Jessie is not doing. And because in this case they happen to be things she should be doing anyway, it doesn’t add any time to her workflow at all. At the end of the day, all that matters to OP and the employer is that Jessie gets competent at her job ASAP or she no longer has that job so someone else can step in and do it (competently). But not a writing class or statute/rule heavy class like civpro. I developed a little routine for when I’m getting ready to focus. I would have been fired for mistakes like these. 8. (She should know how to take a word out of the dictionary also in case she adds one by accident.) none of these things open the firm up to a malpractice suit (assuming she’s at a firm, which she likely isn’t based on the language of this letter). of practice. That is quite implausible regardless of your personal experience with ADHD awareness. She would cheerfully say she’s done all these things and her documents would still be a mess. I have been considered to be brilliant, gifted, creative, talented, etc etc since grade school and NO ONE, least of all me, could understand why I never got anywhere or made anything of myself in life. I love her line about this: IQ tests only measure how well you do at taking IQ tests. I use read aloud software on every brief I draft. this is so much more than “attention to detail,” and seems to be a fundamental a mismatch between skills/ability needed for the role, and skills/ability that Jessie has. If I’d made basic errors like that I wouldn’t have made it through school, let alone the past six years. Asking the OP to ask her colleague about ADHD does not help the OP. I tutored students who were college-bound, but not college-ready, and a lot of what we worked on was critical reading. He has trouble writing clear and concise emails so he saves emails I’ve said are good or emails I’ve sent and uses them as templates for future emails. This is starting to inch over into malpractice territory, especially given the example you cited. There’s too much at stake when a lawyer has to be involved. A year later, as I struggled day in and out in a marketing role, I realised I was a horrible fit for marketing, where empathy and people skills were necessary. Girls tend to manifest more with daydreaming, absent-mindedness, disorganization, time-management issues, lack of attention to detail, etc. It will be painful – it takes a lot of work to become an attorney – but if she’s putting the client cases in jeopardy on a constant basis, she’s not currently and might not ever be in the right field. Otherwise, the first aider jumps in to deal with the obvious stuff like a broken leg and misses that the person’s lying in a position where they can’t breathe.
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