We hate spam as much as you do. Any candidate framing out a resume for the job of a CNA in exact accordance with the job description mentioned in the advertisement for the post can well expect to get a foothold in the organization. This is an area where many people go wrong with their resumes. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) requires many skills to complete several challenging tasks. However, the question is what exactly are CNA skills? Login with ajax is not installed (or active). Your contact details should be readable as the employer will need these details. Example CNA resumes should list all appropriate certifications and training programs, as well as demonstrate the ability to be compassionate, patient, and attentive to detail with patients--all qualities that are integral to the role. The rest of the details i.e. I have gone through the eligibility criteria for the job opening and hope that I have fulfilled it. Another important aspect is that you should have a standard CNA resume format, as it will help you in drafting a customized resume. The resume should be prepared in such a manner that it should gain the attention of the recruiter by its first look. Maintain a 1” margin around all 4 sides of your CNA resume for hospital jobs. I have my own method of working and solving problems in the best possible way. Search for jobs in your desired location and in your preferred setting, like a hospital or clinic. Layout the meal for the ailing person, as well as collect the plates and other utensils once the meal is over. You should also be aware of how to find the best resume format and what should be the content of your resume because the resume creates the first impression about you. As a C.N.A. Example: ‘Seeking a CNA position at a hospital where I can apply my advanced medical terminology knowledge and patient observation skills.’. The resume should have a professional outlook. Herein, at times, it might also be required to do some small tasks like holding the instrument tray or positioning the light properly so that it helps the doctor or the LPN in checking and treating properly. You need to draft a well-planned CNA job description for a resume so that you can get the recruiter’s attention. To highlight important details in a resume, you can make use of underline, bold, and italic. I have served different types of patients admitted to the hospital i.e. Well, the answer is simple here – … An organization is no exception to this rule as it similarly desires to have none but the best of the employees recruited in its organization to enable the maximum output possible from the people and ultimately profiting the organization in the long run. Your CNA resume could benefit from such sections as: Achievements and awards on a resume; Resume hobbies and interests; Volunteering; Resume language skills . I have completed a high school diploma degree, followed by a certification in nursing from AMS Nursing Home in the year 2009. As a Nursing Assistant, it would be great to have a solid background on physiological and biological issues. Currently, I am working with ABC Health Association for the past 2 years. As a CNA, you may be asked to provide regular basic care to patients. Resumes should always be readable. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Skills: Your CNA resume skills section should list 6-10 bullet-pointed skills that are most relevant and impressive to the position you are applying for (both clinical and interpersonal). As a fresher, you are confused about this aspect of a job search that is writing a resume. As nursing is an area of my interest, I am sure that I will excel at work and prove to be an ideal employee in your organization. like the other cna resumes we’ve looked at, nancy’s make sure to emphasize all of the great care she’s provided to her patients over the years. Today is the era of tough competition. Directed patients in prescribed range of motion exercises and in the use of braces or artificial limbs. The format mentioned above of resume for CNA will help you in creating a well-defined resume for a particular position. Certified Nursing Assistant is a skillsoriented job so you must be able to elaborate the skills you have learned during training and those that you may have acquired by experience. List any skills you haven’t mentioned yet and, most importantly, include your skills that align with the requirements mentioned in the job posting. A resume cover letter is an overview of your resume. This should especially occur when you are working with patients who are experiencing unusual symptoms or if patients are showing small signs of health issues. that can help you improve your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume. Check out real resumes from actual people. A few of the points that may be contained in the CNA job description for a resume would be-. however, because she’s also looking to change up her career path a little, she needs to make sure she’s emphasizing other, more universal skills that will serve her well as a medical administrator or nursing supervisor. This allows the patient to feel more relaxed and encouraged to ask any questions. The employer will be looking for different details such as work experience, academic details, skills, achievements, references, etc. This allows you to continue working as a CNA and taking courses to build more skills and possibly receive a higher title. Let us have a look at some of its important points: While searching for a job of a CNA, it is important that you have a well-drafted resume ready with you. The recruiter should not feel stressed to go through your resume. Complete knowledge of taking and recording the vital signs of patients; be it blood pressure, temperature or pulse and respiration 2. CNAs often use common medical records software to keep medical records updated. CNA resume example View this sample CNA resume for ideas on how you can demonstrate your nursing skills and dedication to quality care. He has to go through many training sessions and complete professional programs such as Certified Nurse's Aide Program, Certified Nurse Assistant Training etc. CNA resume skills are the specific skills employers are looking for when they want to hire a certified nursing assistant. 1. At the end of the day, their reputation matters on how well their employees (nursing assistants) are catering to the requirements of the patients. It is extremely vital for the nursing assistant to very carefully read through the CNA job description for a resume and lay down all the important points centering around the candidate’s academic qualifications, skills and job experience based on that. At Topnurse.info we have made an honest effort to provide all the possible information related to the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). Finding a Job. Be short and precise and provide relative and correct information, Make use of resume keywords to create an effectual cover letter, Personalize the cover letter and make it unique, Just provide a glimpse of your resume by highlighting your credentials and professional summary, Proofread the cover letter at least twice before mailing it to the recruiter and make sure that it is error-free, The first basic thing for gaining a foot in the door of an organization is to be prepared with an impressive resume, in the absence of which even a good candidate may not gain a call for the interview, Preparing a good resume takes a lot of time, especially the objective of a resume for the position of a certified nursing assistant should look appealing and attractive, as it is the main thing that any potential employer would like to go through in order to get a fair idea about the candidate, It should be written in such a manner that the recruiter is compelled to schedule a meeting with the candidate, The main aim or the objective is to make the employer aware of the skills and potentials of the candidate along with their approach towards work, A well-framed resume objective also outlines what kind of a job the candidate is looking for and in what kind of work environment, It is very important that the objective seems thoroughly professional as well as contains no errors as far as grammar and spelling are concerned, Complete knowledge of taking and recording the vital signs of patients; be it blood pressure, temperature or pulse and respiration, Certified cardiopulmonary restoration skills, Good bedside manners to assist patients in changing positions, changing bed linen of occupied bed, Good experience of ambulating patients to different departments for various checkups and complete understanding of the varied documentation required for patient transfers, Proven track record of maintaining hygienic surrounding, Ability to educate patients and their family members about healthcare needs, Can assist multiple patients at the same time without mixing up their healthcare requirements, Experience in dressing, grooming, feeding patients and providing bedpans, Help the ill person with the basic necessities of daily life, like for example, giving a bath, feeding them, and dressing them up, or at other times even helping in undressing them, Take note of the proper input of food, or some other juices if required to be given any, as well as the output of the said patient, Help in keeping everything around the patient in a spick and span condition, right from the dressing packs, to the healing trays, to the other supplies, to in fact the whole room, Track changes in the condition of the patient, noting some important changes, as well as taking note of the vitals of the unwell person, In order to send it for testing, a few important samples of blood, stool or urine might have to be collected, Respond to the signal bells, or the signal lights, or any other form of message, or courier to assist the need of the sick person to the best of one’s potential.
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