Beyoncé plays Nala in Disney's remake of "The Lion King," due out in July 2019. Many early concepts first developed for Nala were eventually abandoned, including a brother and father for the character, as well as her being romantically pursued by Scar. [46] Unlike Ophelia, Nala does not succumb to insanity, nor does she eventually die. "[36] Criticizing the film for "being merely distracting when it could have been both meaningful and instructive", Robert Humanick of Slant Magazine wrote, "Small potatoes, then, when Simba's former childhood friend and betrothed queen Nala ... unexpectedly reappears in his duty-free, protein-rich life, demanding he return to his kingly responsibilities and coaxing the lion to sleep tonight with arguably the most blatant 'fuck me now' face to ever appear in a PG-rated film. Isn’t Technology Moving Ahead A Bit Too Fast? [45], A young Nala debuted in The Lion King (1994) as the daughter of Sarafina and the best friend of Simba, who she often accompanies on his adventures throughout the Pride Lands. Nala does not stand up to play she is walking around, the picture on the description is accurate. Here & Now's Eric Westervelt speaks with JD McCrary and Shahadi Wright Joseph, who voice the young Simba and the young Nala in the new Disney remake of "The Lion King." Her role in the musical remains the same as the film except for a scene where during the song "The Madness of King Scar", Nala comes to Scar to urge him to do something about the drought in the Pride Lands, only for Scar to try and seduce her into becoming his queen and mother of his children. The posters released as Beyonce, who plays grown-up Nala, has been perceptibly missing from The Lion King trailers so getting a more intensive take at how Nala resembles will definitely please the fans. What’s more, true to form, it sounds wonderful. Our 2020 Octoverse report found that automation improves productivity and the developer experience. "[35] Leab concluded that "the main and most problematic aspects of the film" remain that The Lion King "boils down to the fact that an entire group of strong female characters are unable to confront a single male oppressor; to do so, they need to be led by a dominant male." Disney's live-action 'Lion King' remake stars Donald Glover and Beyonce as Simba and Nala. Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa 7. As Simba's queen, Nala has a son, Kopa, an adventurous cub in The Lion King: Six New Adventures, a daughter, Kiara, whose story is explored in The Lion King: Simba's Pride and another son named Kion, who serves as the protagonist of The Lion Guard. However, the character has garnered positive reviews as well. [68] This lion was likely kicked out of the pride upon coming of age, as happens to real male lions, though not before impregnating Sarafina (Nala's mother). Madge Sinclair as Sarabi 13. "[26] Lenka Křivánková of Masaryk University wrote in her thesis "1990s Hollywood Break-Away Hits: A Feminist Perspective" that she was not particularly surprised by the film's lack of strong roles for women because of its Shakespearean source material, dubbing the film "an old traditional fairy tale with all its traditional features", including patriarchy and monarchism. Nala (voice) (as Beyoncé Knowles-Carter) Phil LaMarr ... Impala (voice) J. Lee ... Hyena (voice) This leads Nala to sneak out of Pride Rock the following night so she can get help. After learning about the Elephant Graveyard from Scar, Simba is eager … The superstar singer will take over the role of Nala, who was originally voiced by … [28] Because The Lion King is loosely based on William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet,[40][41][42] Nala is considered to be the film's "representative" of the Hamlet character Ophelia, Hamlet's love interest.