Bullock: Yeah, it's uh, (pauses) It's Batman. Gotham City Police Department 2. After going solo for a while, Batman eventually came around and realized that he needed his allies. Harleen Quinzel: I believe I served you a subpoena once. They leave without any jewels and Joker decides to hold a funeral. Batman: (slams Throne's arm on his desk) That's for pulling a gun. How I agonized over the perfect way to thank him for that. Unrated | 22min | Animation, Action, Adventure | Episode aired 1 February 1993. The group of criminals end up in jail where Harvey Bullock, visibly upset, breaks the news to Renee Montoya that Batman has been killed, and asks her to check on a depressed Commissioner Gordon. So Sidney tells his story... Sidney was an average, two-bit crook who wanted to move up in the underworld, and agreed to go on a drug run as a lookout. Production Number: Wonder Woman: Who Is Fury, The ORIGINAL Daughter Of Diana Prince? While the others slipped away, Batman cornered Sid on a rooftop and tried to pry some information out of him. Commissioner Gordon Antagonists: 1. Before Bednov’s death, Yuri, a Russian aged 60, had been one of Bednov’s advisors. Harley uses her real name when posing as a lawyer, despite having been arrested already (and thus having the police department know her real name and identity). Sidney: Guess I can't win for losing, huh? It took the entire Bat-Family to discover that Bruce Wayne had been framed by a dark figure from his past in these tales by Ed Brubaker, Chuck Dixon, Greg Rucka, Devin Grayson, Kelly Puckett, Rick Burchett, Rick Leonardi, Steve Lieber, Trevor McCarthy, Scott McDaniel, Roger Robinson, Damion Scott and Pete Woods, among others. "The Mechanic" Captain Stingaree (Cameo) 6. Likewise, in the episode. When he is done, the two hoods place Sidney in the coffin, and the coffin is sent on a conveyor belt towards a vat of acid, while Harley plays "Amazing Grace" on a kazoo. Back when Bruce was first training to become Batman, Cain showed him how to fight. This was later confirmed in the episode Beware the Creeper. And now you say you accidentally made a fool of the Joker? Montoya: We have an ID? In desperation, Batman decided to battle against the Reaper with a weapon he'd been holding in reserve for decades—the gun that killed his parents, lifted … Batman is a superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics.Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and debuted in the 27th issue of the comic book Detective Comics on March 30, 1939. This move was known only to Batman and Cassandra Cain, Batgirl at the time. A huge punch-up breaks out and everybody ends up in a prison cell (although Sid survives without a scratch). He gets inside and introduces himself — but Thorne already knows who he is — Sidney Debris, "The Man Who Killed Batman." Joker: Where is he? When Bruce orders Booster to take them back in time so he can prevent the gunfight and go on living his life, Booster sees his opportunity. Bullock: That explosion at the Customs House! During the jewelry store heist, the Joker's henchmen are carrying machine guns, but they then change to shotguns. Sidney: Yes, I am. Honest! Season 1 | Episode 49. Marvel’s Most POWERFUL and DANGEROUS Thor Will NEVER Join the MCU - or Will He? Simon claims to Bruce/Batman … Nabeel Gaber is a longtime reader of a plethora of comic books. Previous. For Batman, this murder was personal. Related: Batman: Who Is Mother Panic, Gotham's Most Vengeful Hero? Mad Hatter II 5. While Batman did get the upper-hand over Falcone in the comics but Batwoman’s Gotham is way darker so this theory does make sense. Mister Freeze 6. From there, Batman deduced the killer to be David Cain. Mr. He is the central character in the episode "The Man Who Killed Batman". Only now, thanks to you, I've got this terrible feeling that he's..........really not coming. Episode images (9) As one of the world's premier assassins, Cain even taught Bruce how to kill. Mysterious Crimefighter Missing. Written by: “Batman had relevant evidences of Plotnitsky’s involvement in various trafficking, including significant misappropriation of humanitarian aid. Batman: Who Was the Real Killer In Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Going over the details of the murder, Bruce recalled that the killer used a specific nerve strike on Vesper. As it pours on Gotham City, a man hurriedly runs to Rupert Thorne's house. Afterward, Cain revealed that he took the job to test Batman. WRITE A REVIEW NO, THANK YOU. Next aired ► Sidney Debris, also known as Sid The Squid or The Man Who Killed Batman, was an incompetent henchman of Rupert Thorne and a small-time crook who dreamed of becoming a big shot in Batman: The Animated Series . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Animation at the time, as it was also used for one of the enemies of, Harley playing the kazoo while the coffin rolls down into the acid is a parody of the funeral for, The idea that the Joker does not want Batman dead and enjoys fighting him time and time again is reminiscent of one often put forward in various DC continuities, most notably in. The first time the Batman movies depicted the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne was in the Batman Anthology, beginning with Batman (1989). "The Man Who Killed Batman" He gets inside and introduces himself — but Thorne already knows who he is — Sidney Debris, "The Man Who Killed Batman". "Two-Face" Other Characters: 1. In the right environment, a man of your dangerous reputation could still get a lot of respect. Captain Stingaree 2. Countdown to final crisis #13 Batman of Earth-51 is killed by Ultraman. Batman Supporting Characters: 1. Suddenly, Sid falls off the roof, and Batman grabs one of his hands. Becoming Batman full-time, the Dark Knight distanced himself from the Bat-Family and slowly lost touch with his humanity. Thorne: Sure I'll get you out of Gotham, Sidney, in a pine box! A gangster named Eddie G. gives Sidney a nickname called Sid "The Squid". Nobody's that lucky or stupid! The legal owner: WBTV.) Joker 2. The story is set in between the events of Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight, and Batman: Arkham VR immerses players into the Dark Knight’s universe as they experience Gotham Citythrough the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective. Unfortunately, the Batman does show up, and tackles Sidney. The time for sorrow has passed. The Joker sheds a tear, but then immediately cheers up with a happy, "Well, that was fun. As he runs, a newspaper flies by with the headline: BATMAN SLAIN? Pro-Russian separatist Alexandr Bednov, known as "Batman", has reportedly been killed. It's time to look ahead to a future filled with smiles. It was a small subpoena. A small time crook tells his story of how he accidentally seemed to kill Batman, and how now everyone wants to kill him next. The website of the Luhansk People's Republic claims he was killed by Ukrainian security forces. Batman: The Animated Series episode It first aired on February 1, 1993. As Joker delivers a eulogy describing the death of the Joker's dream to kill Batman, wishing his jokes could have outsmarted his cold, equanimous logic, he denounces Sidney for doing it first. But those dreams were dashed by the weaselly little gunsel sitting there in our midst. Ra's al Ghul 8. Batman's origin story is first established in a sequence of panels in Detective Comics #33 (November 1939) that is later reproduced in the comic book Batman #1 (Spring 1940), but the mugger is not given a name until Batman #47 (June–July 1948). The rumors led to a number of "trials" of prominent supervillains being held. ◄ Previously produced A pleased Sidney realizes his dream of making a name for himself. "Off Balance" If your review contains spoilers, please check the Spoiler box. This scheme elevated Cain's status as a Batman villain. Arrested for murder, Bruce and Sasha were deemed guilty by the general public. Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever (1995) also featured a flashback to the fateful night, but didn’t go into specific details. Would you like to write a review? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Bruce Timm Thorne: So the famous Sid the Squid is nothing but a pathetic victim of circumstance. After much investigation from the Bat-Family, Bruce finally became tired of cooperating with the law. A gangster named Eddie G. gives Sidney a ni… It first aired on February 1, 1993. Technically, this one hasn’t happened yet. Cleeve M… The prosecutor's job was to prove why each defendant could NOT have killed Batman. Privately, the Bat-Family began to investigate Vesper's death. Additionally, Cain was always prepared for every eventuality, a skill he passed on to Batman. Check out the other Batman … The Man Who Killed Batman When a small time gang member (Matt Frewer) seemingly kills Batman by accident, he gets involved with gangs all over Gotham, as well as the Joker and Rupert Thorne, none of whom believe his story that everything that is happening is by preposterous happenstance. As seen in: The Dark Knight Returns #4 (1986) Frank Miller's iconic saga of … And he cries not for the passing of one man, but for the death of a dream. Cable Is the WORST Choice for His Vital New Marvel Universe Role, Fantastic Four's Reunion Teases the Return of Marvel's ULTIMATE Weapon, King in Black: [SPOILER] Is Assembling Marvel's Suicide Squad to Defeat Knull, The Spider-Man Christmas Team-Up Marvel Can't Reprint, The Sandman Audio Drama Was 2020's BEST Comic Book Adaption. Mysterious Crimefighter Missing. Scarecrow 10. Sidney was an average, two-bit crook who wanted to move up in the underworld, and agreed to go on a drug run as a lookout. Nabeel is a graduate of Trinity University, working now as a freelance comic book features writer. Poison Ivy 7. On his own, Batman learned that Lex Luthor, the President of the United States, hired a killer to ruin Bruce's reputation, yet the identity of the assassin remained a mystery. Thorne, however, doesn't buy his story, believing Sidney's trying to trick his way into his drug operation. You really put the "fun" in "funeral". It appeared in the comics story Batman: The Killing Joke. Batman: I don't know. Hurt is actually the leader of the ‘shady’ Black Glove organisation. Animated Series: Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS). So Sidney tells his story... Sidney sorrowfully holds the late Batman's cowl. Poison Ivy 7. Cavalier (In a vision) 3. In the beginning of "Bruce Wayne: Murderer," Bruce's latest girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, was found dead in Wayne Manor. The fight exaggerated by the shadows is perhaps a parody of the darkly lit fights in the opening sequence. They revert to blue when Joker lets go. The Joker and Harley stage a museum robbery, and wait for the Batman. Collectively, the Bat-Family shared their evidence from the case. The Man Who Killed Batman is an episode of the first season of Batman: The Animated Series. KEEP READING: Batman: Why Joker REALLY Hates the Holidays. Cain's plot makes him a sort of dark mirror to Batman, showing him what life would look like if he quit being Bruce Wayne. The Ace Chemical Plant, where Joker holds Batman's funeral, is the place where, according to several comics continuities, the Joker fell into a vat of toxic waste during his first meeting with the Batman and became who he is today. Sidney realizes that Batman saved him from the acid, and attempts to walk out. "The Man Who Killed Batman" was the 51st produced episode and the 49th episode aired. Not only did Cain murder a woman who Bruce Wayne loved dearly, he also tried to turn Batman into a monster. Batman confronts him and reveals his s… February 1, 1993 Ras-al-ghul was the presiding judge at each trial, with Harvey Dent (a/k/a "Two-Face") prosecuting at each trial. Airdate: In the summer of 1977, there was a series of Batman comics in which Batman had been rumored to have been killed. He gets inside and introduces himself — but Thorne already knows who he is — Sidney Debris, "The Man Who Killed Batman". Airdate Order: But this is just a theory till it gets officially confirmed by the show. These consecutive storylines placed the Dark Knight on the run, leaving him hard-pressed to find the killer who framed him. 49 When the Bat-Family learned that Cain had killed Vesper, they also learned that he was in Gotham attempting to murder Sasha Boredeaux. "Mudslide" Plot Edit. Sidney calls Eddie G. who sets him up with Rupert Thorne to get him out of Gotham. DC Animated Universe is a FANDOM TV Community. Colonel Jack van Cleeve (Single appearance) Locations: 1. In the present, Sidney begs for a way to get out of town to avoid the Joker and other hoods. The man finally arrives at Rupert Thorne's house. Luckily for Sidney however, a blonde woman claiming to be his lawyer (who looks familiar to Bullock) announces that she has posted his bail, and the two leave. Robin has long since hung up his superhero tights, but he's the only one who can avenge Batman's death. Bruce and his bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux, were discovered with the body, just as the GCPD burst onto the scene. Batman stops him, explaining that he's still guilty as an accomplice to the drug run, but then points out that in prison, a man like Sidney would garner high respect, which should make his sentence more bearable. Justice League Unlimited (animated series), Batman: The Animated Series, Volume Two (DVD), Batman: The Complete Animated Series (DVD), Batman: The Complete Animated Series (Blu-ray), http://anbat.toonzone.net/btas/tmwkb.html, From Jedi to Joker: Mark Hamill at Star Wars Celebration VI - Part 2 - Tampa Bay Pop Culture | Examiner.com, https://dcau.fandom.com/wiki/The_Man_Who_Killed_Batman?oldid=187354, Harvey Bullock probably recognizes Harley without her harlequin makeup because she posed as a police officer at. At the theater which serves as his gang's hideout, the Joker is delighted to meet him, but wants to test whether or not Batman is indeed dead. Just how stupid do you think I am? There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. However, he was only brought along as a decoy for Batman. It is one of the few episodes that doesn't feature Batman as the main character and instead it focuses on Sidney Debris, a new character created exclusively for this episode. … Featured Characters: 1. "The Man Who Killed Batman" is the fifty-first episode of Batman: The Animated Series. Superman's Most RIDICULOUS Toy Probably Saved His Life. This is the reason why he was killed,” said Yuri B. in his small Saint Petersburg flat. Sidney, however, doesn't appreciate the fame, because now everyone wants to kill or fight him. Joker 3. The man finally arrives at Rupert Thorne's house. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The Dark Knight Falls. Batman: RIP: How the Epic Almost Pushed the Dark Knight to the Limit. He's never been this late before. The cowardly insignificant ganef who probably got lucky when Batman slipped on the slime trail this loser left behind him. This hole was possibly made due to her real name. Two-Face (Cameo) 4. As Thorne points a gun at Sidney, Batman suddenly arrives, completely unharmed, and knocks Thorne unconscious. Joker: (sighs heavily) Well, that was fun! As rain pours down on Gotham City, a man hurriedly runs through the streets. Each individual hero made a new discovery which slowly pieced together the events of the crime. Sid was an incompetent and bumbling little man who always seemed to screw up all his attempts at crimes. Batman nearly went over the edge, abandoning his humanity. Cavalier (Cameo) 7. Batman's origin story was first established in a sequence of panels in Detective Comics #33 (November 1939) and later reproduced in the publication Batman #1 (Spring 1940). After all, in one night he's killed Batman and outwitted the Joker, meaning he must really be a criminal genius. Catwoman 2. Everybody hails Sid the Squid as the man who killed Batman, but at a banquet being held in his honour a tough guy wants to pick a fight with Sid. Please do not use ALL CAPS. 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But given Tom King’s Batman run thus far and its clear penchant for longterm… Discussing the genesis of the storyline and its linkage to the rest of their run, Morrison notes that: Who's for Chinese?". As it pours on Gotham City, a man hurriedly runs to Rupert Thorne's house. As rain pours down on Gotham City, a man hurriedly runs through the streets. Killer Moth 4. Sid initially enjoys the acclaim he receives, but then he's threatened by a rival (on the grounds that killing the man who killed Batman would make him the toughest guy in town), captured by the Joker, and mistaken for a possible rival by Rupert Thorne. Directed by: Joker: Dear friends...Today is the day that the clown cried. The other mobsters, however, see Sidney as bait for the Batman to snap up while the rest of them flee. Riddler 9. Bullock: Uh, Montoya, word is coming in from the streets on a homicide victim. Related: Batman: RIP: How the Epic Almost Pushed the Dark Knight to the Limit. How?! Bullock: Hey, don't I know you? In his spare time, Nabeel enjoys running, improv comedy, and all the comics he can get his hands on! 51 He gets inside and introduces himself — but Thorne already knows who he is — Sidney Debris, "The Man Who Killed Batman." ◄ Previously aired And is that the Penguin beckoning from the shadows? Perhaps with a cyanide pie in the face. Sunrise Montoya: What?! Thorne: You think I didn't hear the rumors of the third-rate stumblebum who rubbed out the Batman? In desperation, Sidney tries to climb up Batman's arm onto the building, throwing him off balance. The Man Who Killed Batman. The Joker makes a pun on the Latin term "corpus delicti" using the words "batus delecti" while wondering whether or not Batman is actually dead. Deeming all of his apprentices to be failures, Cain eventually had a child of his own with Lady Shiva, Cassandra. Delving deep into an all-new Batman: Arkham mystery, those who enter this virtual reality world must think like Batman and utilize his legendary gadgets to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of his closest allies. In that issue, Batman discovers that Joe Chill, the small-time crime boss he is investigating, is none other than the man who killed his parents. Jerry Randal (Dies in flashback) 3. For Batman, this murder was personal. Your score has been saved for The Man Who Killed Batman. Batman explains to Sidney that he faked his death and laid low for a while, observing what happened. Batman (Behind the scenes) Antagonists: 1. Freeze 5. Sid had always wanted to be a big shot in the mob and his contact, Eddie G., let him go along on a job as a lookout. By framing Bruce Wayne, David Cain ultimately cemented his place as one of Batman's most fierce enemies. Sidney is terrified and clumsy, but the other mobsters, watching their exaggerated shadows from afar, believe that Sidney is fighting Batman. Zack Snyder opens up about one of the more controversial aspects of his epic DC superhero adventure Batman V Superman. As he runs, a newspaper flies by with the headline: BATMAN SLAIN? In the DC Universe continuity, Batman is the alias of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy American playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises based in … The mugger, however, was not given a name until Batman #47 (June-July 1948). Mad Hatter II 4. Final Crisis is too big of a story to sum up in its entirety here, but the gist of it was that … Animation Services by: With the Caped Crusader's recent obsessive, emotionally detached demeanor, some of his allies believed that Batman finally snapped. In his eulogy for Batman, Joker opens with, Sidney's nickname, "Sid the Squid", was apparently popular with the writers at Warner Bros. Although Batman refused to work with them, the rest of The Bat-Family continued to investigate Vesper's murder. Not only did Cain murder a woman who Bruce Wayne loved dearly, he also tried to turn Batman into a monster. Cain taught his daughter how to fight and read body language, yet oddly enough never taught her how to speak. The coffin holds Batman's cape and cowl, to which Joker attaches a "Kick me" sign. Batman nearly went over the edge, abandoning his humanity. Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment. Sid, in his usual clumsy fashion, managed to escape from Batman's grasp, but almost fell from the building. While several of Batman's allies refused to believe him capable of murder, some heroes grew dubious of Bruce's innocence. Cain's plot makes him a sort of dark mirror to Batman, showing him what life would look like if he quit being Bruce Wayne. In that issue, Batman discovers that Joe Chill, the small-time crime boss he is investigating, is none other than the man who killed his parents. Batman #47 opens with an emaciated Booster still a prisoner of Bruce Wayne, who has spent the last year paying his best employees to repair Skeets. Batman's alter ego was famously framed for murder in "Bruce Wayne: Murderer," which led to him becoming the Dark Knight full-time to find the culprit. Or an exploding whoopee cushion playfully planted in the Batmobile. All Episodes (85) Next. Superman and Wonder Woman are sidelining as enforcers for a corrupt Commissioner Gordon. This episode reflects that the animated series has largely adopted the film's version of the Joker's origin. The Joker's back, flanked by two karate-kicking, hipster Jokerettes. Killer Moth (Cameo) 5. So Sidney tells his story... Sidney was an average, two-bit croo… There's a certain rhythm to these things. Ra's al Ghul 6. Cain figured out that Bruce was Batman, and saw the job as an opportunity to reveal Bruce as a monster like himself. (finally punches Thorne out cold) And that's for any I missed. So, maybe Falcone killed Batman’s sidekicks, too. Batman: Who Is Mother Panic, Gotham's Most Vengeful Hero? Who's for Chinese? Together, The Bat-Family trapped Cain, allowing Batman to take him down. Sidney, however, doesn't appreciate the fame, because now everyone wants to kill or fight him. Scarecrow 3. Batman also deduced that this killer must have been a professional who was presumed dead, as no living killer knew the specific nerve strike. In jubilation, the rest of the underworld hold a celebration for his death and toast the now-successful Sidney, but a tough fighter challenges Sidney, leading to a huge barroom fight until the police arrive. There is no linking or other HTML allowed. While he's been the World's Greatest Detective for years, Batman faced one of his biggest mysteries during "Bruce Wayne: Murderer" and "Bruce Wayne: Fugitive." 1, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1 Reveals Sunstar's Origins, Fantastic Four: How Ant-Man & Three Unlikely Heroes Became Marvel’s New FF, X-Men: A Classic Villain Discovers Wolverine's BIGGEST Weakness, Juggernaut's New Partner Could Make Him a Hero - For Real, Spider-Man How Did One Reality's Miles Morales & Gwen Stacy Get Married. I cause trouble, he shows up, we have some laughs, and the game starts all over again. Beneath them, a dislodged brick punches a hole in a propane tank. Paul Dini Just as the acid seeps in, Sidney is apparently saved by getting sucked into a drainpipe. Batman gave Joe the gun that killed Bruce's parents, and Batman stated that it only had one bullet left. As Sidney climbs onto the ledge, Batman falls down toward the gas tank, and there is a tremendous explosion. Wayne broke himself out of jail, deciding to abandon his identity as Bruce Wayne as well.