If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! One Piece's next episode promo is promising to showcase a fight between Big Mom and Kaido. Nami also managed to defeat Brûlée using Thunderbolt Tempo. The soul pocus has no effect to Jinbei. Two allied ships were sank by Eustass Kid a few days before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Fish-Man Island. Streusen witnessed the incident and decided to befriend her and managed to influence her. Even the demons of Hell will come when called to Mama's tea parties! The crew's foundation is built around the Charlotte Family, which consists of Big Mom herself, 43 husbands,39 daughters, and 46 sons. Urouge managed to defeat one of the former Four Sweet Commanders but was later defeated by Charlotte Cracker.[89]. [123] Meanwhile, the Sun Pirates left Whole Cake Island to flee from Big Mom, leaving a tied up Pekoms behind. “One Piece” Chapter 993 is just a few days away and rumors have it that it might arrive as scheduled. As Sanji talked with his captured crewmates, he suddenly threw them out of Bege's body and held Caesar at gunpoint in order to keep the Fire Tank Pirates from harming his friends. Big Mom and her fleet confront the Sunny crew. Hah, talk about wishful thinking! Some of them attempted to finish their job of killing the Vinsmokes, but were beaten once the Vinsmokes put on their Raid Suits. However, Sanji dodged the shot and it killed the priest instead. Bege and his crew were responsible for the security at the wedding, so Bege could sneak everyone into the wedding inside his body. Big Mom easily manhandles Queen in his enormous brachiosaurus form. In the flashbacks of Big Mom’s past, Mother Caramel and all of Linlin’s friends “disappear” after her food rampage. 83 Chapter 829 (p. 10) and Episode 788, Big Mom is seen wearing rings on all her fingers. Every time Big Mom gets serious, she is a menace to deal with. See more ideas about One piece big mom, Big mom pirates, One piece. Sometime after the Battle of Marineford, Big Mom's crew agreed to protect Fish-Man Island in exchange for ten tons of sweets a month. Due to her desire to create a nation free of discrimination, various races of people live in her country. [49] She easily destroyed Vinsmoke Judge's spear with her teeth when he tried to attack her with it. #onepiece952 #reaction #kaidovsbigmom #kaido #bigmom 00:00 – Reaction 21:00 – Review Katakuri made earplugs for his crewmates, and they regained their composure as they chased after the enemy alliance. However, Pekoms was quickly overwhelmed. Captained by an Emperor, the Big Mom Pirates are one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world. Bounty: In turn, other children of the Charlotte Family and combatants answer to them. Statistics Captain: The sheer number of ships in the crew's possession gives them considerable naval superiority over most pirate crews; even though some were sunk by Eustass Kid,[68] and Daifuku himself destroyed many Tartes when trying to kill Carrot, these losses did not seem to impact the crew in any noticeable way. As a result, attempting to engage her crew (especially several members at once or deep in their territory) can be extremely unpredictable and dangerous for the unprepared. In the magazine release of Chapter 930, the crew's name was romanized as "Big Mam Pirates" despite the sails reading "Big Mom;" the romanization was corrected in the volume release. [18] When her fellow Emperor Kaido, known as the strongest creature in the world, threatened to kill her if she came to his territory, Big Mom simply invited him to try and said he would not be able to dissuade her. Myth: In her eating frenzy, a 6-year-old Big Mom accidentally ate Carmel and the other residents of the Sheep’s House, and gained Carmel’s Soru Soru no Mi this way. [33], Due to the Sweet Commanders' significant status among the crew, the defeat of one is considered a grave event and will have the Big Mom Pirates seeking to use overwhelming force to bring down whoever responsible. Queen Mama Chanter After Fish-Man Island was nearly destroyed by the New Fish-Man Pirates' coup d'état, Tamago and Pekoms arrived to collect the candy payment while disregarding the civil war. Big Mom Pirates Jul 6, 2018 - Explore Matthew Glass's board "Big Mom Pirates" on Pinterest. [48], In the event that a bride or groom from an outside family has multiple existing affiliations, they must sever those that are external to the political agreement with Big Mom. ), with the 25th son, Snack, among their ranks until he was demoted following his defeat by Urouge of the Worst Generation. His siblings were shocked at his defeat and put Whole Cake Island in a state of alert. )[13] (FUNimation Subs: Big Mam)"Evil Spirit" (悪神, Akujin? Big Mom managed to easily overwhelm Brook in the Room of Treasure, and in the Prisoner Library, Charlotte Opera received orders from her to find out Lola's location from Nami, threatening to torture Nami should she not comply. While in an emaciated and hungry state, she also took the full force of Jinbe's Buraikan and quickly recovered without apparent damage. Big Mom Pirates;[1] Rocks Pirates (former);[2] Four Emperors;[3] Charlotte Family[4] In her youth, she was seen using a flintlock during the battle at God Valley. Some of these soldiers have their own personal aesthetics, with one squad consisting of a large man with a Snow White outfit leading a group of bearded dwarf-like people. After a meeting, the alliance was set in stone. Japanese Name: One Piece Episode 952 Reaction + Review! However, Luffy managed to stretch his arms to move the portrait in front of Big Mom, causing her to focus on it and scream, unleashing a blast of Haoshoku Haki. The Charlotte Family is the family of Charlotte Linlin of the Yonko, also known as Big Mom. [142] Perospero helped Big Mom continue to pursue the Straw Hats by having her walk on a candy sea slug. While the Sun Pirates serve under the Big Mom Pirates as part of their agreement for her to protect Fish-Man Island, the Snapper Head was considered part of the crew fleet, until the Sun Pirates broke ties with the Big Mom Pirates. Like the Whitebeard Pirates, the Big Mom Pirates have a simpler Jolly Roger, consisting of the normal skull-and-crossbones, but retaining the large lips of the original. Big Mom is one of the very small number of people in the world who can use all three types of Haki. [148] When Katakuri regained his composure, Luffy lost the advantage and his Gear Fourth form wore off. [87] The wedding has been continously delayed due to the Vinsmoke Family being unable to locate Sanji who has been living under a low profile in Baratie. She shares a lot of similarities with The Queen of Hearts. Japanese VA: Ability-wise, each Commander (of the current three) has eaten and uses to great effect a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit power: Further, all three are proficient in wielding bladed weaponry, with Cracker and Smoothie using swords[26][27] and Katakuri a trident. Like Luffy's Gear Fourth, her Busoshoku sports flame marks at its ending. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, https://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Charlotte_Linlin/Abilities_and_Powers?oldid=1755207. As the Big Mom Pirates began splitting up to pursue the enemy alliance, Big Mom suddenly developed a craving for wedding cake. Known as Monkey D. Garp Go to the website for full funny moments https://monkeydfamily.blogspot.co.uk You can support me by donating big … As she attacked Bege's fortress, her crew lay in wait, and when Bege reverted back to his human form, they immediately opened fire on him, but the attack was quickly countered by the Vinsmoke Family. However, Jinbe arrived and gave her croquembouche, and then asked the clear-minded Big Mom if he could leave her crew. Big Mom then stated that as long Sanji complied with the wedding, she would be willing to overlook Luffy's transgression against her.[110]. The army then returned to Sweet City with the captured Straw Hats. The Fire Tank Pirates came to the island as they were pursued by a fleet of Tartes ships. Katakuri and Luffy continued to trade blows with each other. Romanized Name: However, unlike the user of the Kage Kage no Mi, she cannot put souls into dead corpses or the body of another human. [17] As the only female member, this effectively makes Big Mom the single most powerful female pirate in the world. One Piece's next episode promo is promising to showcase a fight between Big Mom and Kaido. On the seas near Wano, the crew reflected on the current situation. The Vinsmoke siblings, who were genetically enhanced to have superhuman fortitude, were also shaken by her scream until they were given earplugs. [51] This, however, seems to be a secondary effect of her cravings, as she was able to fight Kaido for two days without getting slimmer or weakened while in her normal state of mind. Charlotte Linlin – Big Mom – One Piece Log Box Re Birth Whole Cake Island Hen – Gear Fourth – MegaHouse World Collectable Figure – Whole Cake Island vol.2 – Banpresto World Collectable Figure – Whole Cake Island vol.3 – Banpresto In particular, Luffy managed to defeat two of their Sweet Commanders, and three crews allied with them (the Fire Tank Pirates, Sun Pirates, and Germa 66) turned against them and contributed to their losses. For a crew to sail under Big Mom, new enlistees must have their bloodlines tied to her family (consisting of Linlin herself, 43 husbands, 39 daughters and 46 sons); this requires a political wedding. Since Big Mom has turned Totto Land into a place for all races to live in harmony, and had kids with multiple races, her crew is extremely diverse and has been shown to feature almost every race,[71] even rare ones such as the Three-Eye Tribe, and the various abilities boasted by these races. [58], Big Mom also has the ability to emit an extremely loud shriek when psychologically destabilized. Luffy battles Sweet Commander Charlotte Cracker. These are their strongest members. [12] Cracker was about to execute Pound, but Luffy stopped him and initiated a fight with him while Brûlée and her minions went after Nami. Their 62 years of existence is also the longest amount of time that any pirate crew in history has been known to continuously operate. Main Crew:At least 10,121,500,000[2]500,000,000[3]50,000,000[4]Organization:At least 10,121,500,000[5]At least 11,044,500,000[6], Organization:At least 10,121,500,000[5]At least 11,044,500,000[6], The Big Mom Pirates[1] are an extremely infamous and powerful pirate crew led by the Emperor Charlotte Linlin, better known as "Big Mom", and they are in control of the powerful nation of Totto Land, with their captain ruling it as its queen and their base of operations being Whole Cake Island, the country's main island. She forces every citizen of Totto Land to give up one month of thei… [43] Big Mom also easily damaged Bege's Big Father fortress form, which has immense defensive power. Big Mom uses her Devil Fruit, the Soru Soru no Mi, to create an army of obedient soldiers called "Homies". Blood Type: Status: RELATED: One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Members of Big Mom Pirates True to his Yonko commander status, Cracker's combat capabilities truly do not disappoint. At Cacao Island, more members of the Charlotte Family and their squads joined Oven and his battalion in preparation to ambush the Straw Hats. Those creatures are named Homies. Big Mom caught up to the Straw Hats, but Nami managed to keep her at bay by feeding Zeus storm clouds. Thing is, Big Mom isn't heading one organization, but three intertwined ones: She is the Queen of Tottoland, and her family are the royals but only some are ministers and as such of a higher rank. [73], On the northeastern coast of Whole Cake Island, the Fire Tank Pirates shot the captured Pekoms into shark-infested waters in order to eliminate him. [63], She can put harvested souls into non-living things in order to give them life or into animals in order to give them human abilities. The known family member's squads revealed are Cracker's,[10] Smoothie's, and Daifuku's. Bege revealed his plan, in which they would shatter a portrait of Mother Carmel at the wedding, which would put Big Mom in a mental crisis and render her vulnerable enough to be injured, where they would shoot her with some poison weapons that Caesar Clown, whom Bege had rescued from captivity, developed. Even without Big Mom in the equation, the rest of the crew carries enough power and influence to do a wide range of activities. Charlotte Linlin [162] When they heard that Luffy defeated Katakuri, the Big Mom Pirates were shocked and enraged at the news. Jinbe managed to help Luffy escape from Katakuri's grasp, and he confronted Big Mom, officially resigning from her crew. The Big Mom Pirates shoot at the Vinsmokes. She can also create incarnations of her own soul that will complete the task of collecting souls.[64]. Whole Cake Island[1]Elbaf (former)[6] After knocking out Flampe and her subordinates with Haoshoku Haki, Luffy and Katakuri resumed their fight.[159]. Pekoms thanked Sanji for saving the minks and offered to fail a second, undisclosed mission (later revealed to be the retrieval of Sanji) if Sanji handed over Caesar. However, he was kidnapped by the Fire Tank Pirates on Cacao Island.[95][96]. As such, she rules the whole country and seems to be well respected by the civilians all across the islands. When Big Mom got a craving for wedding cake, Perospero knew that she would destroy the entire crew in addition to everyone on Totto Land unless the cake was made. [50], Pekoms guided the Sanji Retrieval Team through Totto Land, claiming to guards that he had hijacked the Thousand Sunny. With her Devil Fruit powers, Big Mom used fragments of her own soul to create three special Homies that are far more powerful than ones created with other people's souls: Zeus, a thundercloud she summons with her left hand; Prometheus, a sun she summons with her right hand; and Napoleon, a bicorne she wears on her head. [89] Luffy apparently split Cracker's body in half, but the real Cracker appeared from what was revealed to be a Biscuit Soldier, which he could manipulate with his Devil Fruit powers. Big Mom has vast mastery of Busoshoku Haki. In the third floor courtyard, Tamago evolved into new forms with his Devil Fruit power that gave him more and more chicken features, but as he prepared to evolve into Count Niwatori, Pedro blew up a large collection of explosives in his jacket, causing a massive explosion. [30] Big Mom's arrival during a battle between her crew and the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 brought great jubilation to her crew, indicating that her presence would likely turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Charlotte Linlin is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates. [12] The trio currently consists of the 2nd son, Katakuri, the 14th daughter, Smoothie, and the 10th son, Cracker. Specifically, the Big Mom Pirates are built heavily around the members of the Charlotte Family, with the children comprising a large portion of her crew as well as her officers and most capable fighters;[9] however, it is unknown exactly how many of her children are direct members of her crew. [152] However, Big Mom went to attack the Sunny herself after summoning Zeus and Prometheus back to her. Biggu Mamu Kaizokudan Alias: Alive Also during the time-skip, Eustass Kid, Scratchmen Apoo, Capone Bege, and Urouge attempted to invade Big Mom's territory. The Big Mom Pirates prepare for Sanji and Pudding's wedding. Angered that Pekoms was disregarding their complete orders, Bege shot him in the back. ¨å¤§ãªåŠ›ã‚’持つビッグ・マム。ほしいものを手に入れるためには手段を選ばない怖さも持つビッグ・マム。 [29] In fact, almost everyone, including her own children, has been shown to fear her. Big Mom ate the cake and she enjoyed it, which finally satiated her craving. Ironically, this fear makes Big Mom stronger due to the nature of her Devil Fruit powers. As they fought, Brûlée reported to Pudding about the current status of their crew. [101][102], Later that day, Big Mom brought Caesar Clown before her to inquire about his gigantification research. Luffy retreated and took Brûlée through a mirror to Nuts Island. The blast knocked out many people, and those who withstood it were rendered unable to move due to the power of the scream, which prevented the Big Mom Pirates from executing the Vinsmokes, who were freed by Sanji and given back their Raid Suits by Nami. Big Mom has immense superhuman physical strength, demonstrated by her ability to climb tall buildings despite her massive size,[36] throw punches with tremendous destructive power,[37] and hurl Prometheus with extreme force using only a single arm. Jinbe tells Big Mom there is no cake on the ship. Linlin received her first bounty of 50,000,000 and as she grew more powerful and fearsome, her bounty raised to 500,000,000.[83]. [90], Sometime during their pursuit of Caesar, the Big Mom Pirates received additional orders to retrieve Sanji unharmed, in order to bring him to the tea party as a pawn in Big Mom's Vinsmoke assasination plans. They fought Katakuri and Perospero to get the Sunny back, but the Big Mom Pirates' fleet converged on them and prepared to destroy them. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. The most prominent ship in the fleet is the Queen Mama Chanter, while members of the Charlotte Family have been seen commanding large battleships bearing their names on the sails. Sanji attempted to escape with Luffy, but the Big Mom Pirates manage to corner them. Big Mom is one of the most fearsome pirates in the One Piece world and that reputation of hers is backed by the fact that she's never lost a fight that she's been in that the fans know of. Big Mom has taken 43 husbands, and some of her children have children of their own. First Appearance: Statistics Due to their actions and role, they are the main antagonists of the Whole Cake Island Arc and one of the central antagonist groups of the Four Emperors Saga. Sanji refused, countering that he will not cook for people with no respect for their own crew members. At some point, Big Mom commissioned the rogue scientist Caesar Clown to research artificial gigantification, that she may satisfy her long-held dream to have a Tea Party with her children at eye-level. Similarly, if her portrait of Mother Carmel is damaged in any way, Big Mom will suffer a mental breakdown, falling to her knees and crying while becoming completely oblivious to everything around her, even when threatened, as seen during Bege's assassination attempt. シャーロット・リンリン Katakuri's forces confronted Brook and Chopper when the two of them returned to the Sunny, and the two managed to take down several grunt soldiers. [53] The crew also manufactures special equipment and weaponry that they use to deal with unusual enemies such as special tights worn by Tamago that protect him from electric attacks such as Pedro's Electro or the Walker guns and Candy Jacket Bullets designed to pierce the armored exoskeletons of the Vinsmoke children. [52] Later on, she withstood the force of Pedro's suicidal explosion—a massive explosion powerful enough to grievously injure Charlotte Perospero, despite him wearing a Candy Armor to mitigate its effects—only to rise again absolutely unscathed. [39] She was strong enough to not only break Jorul's sword with her fist when he tried to attack her, but also grab the giant's beard, flip him over her shoulder, and smash him into the ground with enough force to mortally wound him. This was the case with Sanji, whose membership of the Straw Hat Pirates was a loyalty outside the arrangement agreed between the Vinsmoke Family patriarch and the Charlotte Family matriarch, and which was therefore required to be forfeited. The Big Mom Pirates arrived at Wano Country with the intent to kill Luffy, but before they could enter the country, they were stopped by King who caused the Queen Mama Chanter to flip over and fall back to the bottom of the waterfall, causing Big Mom to sink into the sea. Royal World Thailand - รอยัล เวิลด์ ประเทศไทย added a new photo to the album: Royal Birthdays 2019 . Charlotte Katakuri. Baca juga: One Piece Chapter 995 Rilis! Even though Luffy defeated most of the army, the higher-ranked members eventually overwhelmed him with their abilities. One Piece chapter 994 dibuka dengan cover strory kapal Capone Bege yang penuh cinta meski dikejar angkatan laut. [80], Also, Big Mom herself is by far the crew's biggest fighting asset, with Perospero believing that her death would spell doom for the rest of them. [32] Even after being captured and held by pure seastone chains and kept under watch of the Three Disasters of the Beasts Pirates, the crew continued to feed her sweets to keep her in a good mood, while constantly fearing her presence alone. Oven attempted to use Chiffon as a hostage only to be shot by Bege. A notable example of this is when the eldest son Perospero was seen giving orders to his Sweet Commander younger siblings who are supposed to outrank him. The crew approached Dressrosa on their ship, with the intent of capturing Caesar and sinking the Straw Hats. As the Straw Hats make their getaway, the Big Mom Pirates were held back by the Sun Pirates. さは言わずもがな、「危険度」については2年前の大将 ”青キジ” が話していましたね。 Residence: Monkey D. Luffy answered and took responsibility for the lost candy right before declaring war against Big Mom, stating that it was dangerous to leave the island under the control of someone who would destroy it just for candy. While in an amnesiac state she was also capable of easily overpowering the powerful Ancient Zoan user Queen, jumping up to his head, grabbing it and smashing it into the ground with tremendous force[45] before effortlessly lifting and throwing him into a wall[46] and easily overpowering Luffy's Haki defense and sending him flying into a wall with a single punch. [39][40] Oven, the fourth son, briefly incapacitated the entire Sun Pirates crew with a single of his heat attacks[41] and Daifuku, the third son, is capable of wreaking large-scale destruction using his genie powers.[42]. Captained by a Yonko, the Big Mom Pirates are one of the four most powerful pirate crews in the world. However, Jinbe then entered the Prisoner Library despite not being allowed in the Whole Cake Chateau, and when Opera turned his attention to him, he hit Opera in the stomach with a powerful Gosenmaigawara Seiken, knocking him out. When suffering from her cravings, she could destroy a village in Elbaf and defeat several armed giants without a single scratch, being described by Jorul as an "evil god in the form of a child". When it comes to information gathering, Big Mom's crew is a cut above all her rivals. Caesar replied that the Straw Hat and Heart Pirates had destroyed his research, and Big Mom revealed that she had her son Charlotte Perospero construct a replica laboratory on Whole Cake Island. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Without Nami's assistance, it would've taken Luffy far more than what he could provide to take him down. While the rest of the children are not on the same level as those four, they are powerful fighters in their own right. “One Piece” Chapter 992 is finally dropping this weekend after a two-week hiatus. While suffering from a craving for wedding cake, she quickly burned through her excess fat, becoming much slimmer mere hours after the craving fit had started. [118] However, Niwatori survived and joined a meeting with several of the Big Mom Pirates, where they went over the statuses of the Sanji Retrieval Team and the Vinsmoke Family. See more ideas about one piece, big mom pirates, one piece anime. Bege and Pekoms reached Zou, and Pekoms became enraged when he saw his homeland destroyed. [88] Around this time, the remnants of the Sun Pirates, including Jinbe, would come to work under Big Mom, although she primarily let them do as they pleased. One piece 952 Reaction! ‘子さんからの交代で小山茉美さんになります。小山茉美さんといえば同世代の人ならわかるアラレちゃん、あんみつ姫、キテレツ大百科の初代コロ助など、あれもこれも小山茉美さんだったんだ! One of the biggest surprises heading into One Piece's Wano Country arc was that Kaido and Big Mom were forming a major alliance, and now the … While pursuing the Sunny, Smoothie increased in size and tried to sink the Straw Hats' ship. Debut: Introduction • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Hearing the sound of a gunshot, Luffy and his duplicates then burst out of the wedding cake, destroying it.[127]. Perospero lied that the Straw Hats had another cake, and she went after them. The full summary of "One Piece" Chapter 995 has been leaked online and it reveals surprising details about the most powerful woman in the New World, Big Mom. Spoiler manga One Piece chapter 995. An enraged Big Mom attempted to attack Luffy, but Katakuri intercepted him, having foreseen that Luffy aimed to destroy the portrait of Carmel. When the enemy alliance all got inside Bege, the Big Mom Pirates besieged their traitorous crewmate as they immobilized him. With a network of powerful pirate crews and her children as the backbone of the very central crew, Linlin would eventually earn her moniker as "Big Mom" and become one of the Four Emperors. [144] The Big Mom Pirates initially thought they were dead,[145] but Brûlée overheard Luffy communicating with his crewmates and reported to Perospero. [13][34][35] Cracker's defeat saw a state of emergency lockdown be declared on Whole Cake Island. [74] Carrot started fighting with him, but they finally ran back to Luffy to leave the Seducing Woods together. However, during the battle, the Tamatebako fell off the Chateau during a scuffle between Big Mom's wedding guests, causing a massive explosion at its base that caused it to topple over. Tamago and the Chess Soldiers confront Pedro. "Standing toe to toe with an Emperor"?! February 15th[7] While the overall significance of the Big Mom Pirates' losses in this instance is unknown because of how immeasurable their numbers are, their reputation was still greatly tarnished by Morgans in the World Economic Journal due to the Straw Hats' actions. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Pudding, Chiffon, and the WCI 31 take Sanji's orders to make a cake for Big Mom. Over 40 years ago Linlin herself joined the Rocks Pirates, but eventually left when the captain died in the God Valley Incident,and then at least 33 years ago either starting or continuing with the Big Mom Pirates. Pudding then came and told her siblings that she would make a new cake for Big Mom with the help of Chiffon.[136]. [34] It is said that even demons would attend her tea parties if they were invited.[35]. The Sunny crew causes an explosion and escapes the Big Mom Pirates. Official English Name: Height: [155] Katakuri began battling Luffy again after the latter returned to the Mirro-World,[156] and their fight was witnessed by Katakuri's sister Flampe and her subordinates.[157]. Bege took the Straw Hats inside his castle body, where he revealed to Sanji that he had been arranged to marry Pudding at Big Mom's Tea Party. [44] She can also walk through the ground unscathed without being slowed down. [16] Though Katakuri and Cracker did eventually suffer defeat at Luffy's hands, they did not go down without grueling battles that each lasted over 10 hours. One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Members of Big Mom Pirates In One Piece, the big Mom pirates are some of the most fearsome and unique in the world. One Piece: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Big Mom (& 5 Who Can't) One Piece is full of strong characters, but only a few of them are tough enough to take on a terrifying and powerful pirate like Big Mom. According to Bege, she can single-handedly wreak havoc on towns and sink battleships without any effort. However, it loses its toughness completely when she is in a psychological crisis, such as when someone dropped Mother Carmel's photograph that she holds dear to the point that just falling to her knees could cause her to bleed.